A collaborative project that has being brought to life just a few days before #openeducationwk in 2017 to  curate open stories by educators, researchers, students and other learners and connect individuals and ideas from around the world during #openeducatiowk and the #yearofopen 2017. The team consists of individuals from 6 continents. We are all PhD students and members of the GO-GN.

What can we achieve thanks to diversity? image source

We are looking for stories from educators, researchers, students and other learners from around the world about how they discovered openness and what it means to them.

Too often we hear about and experience the divide of the Global North and the Global South but also among nations in neighbouring parts of the world. Let’s bridge it! Getting to know each other and coming together is, we feel, an important step forward. Together we can achieve so so much more! Part of your story may include your strengths (what you have to offer) and needs (places where you’re struggling to achieve your open goals) in the context of collaboration.

Your individual open story about you started being an open practitioner, open researcher and/or open learner will help us all get to know each other, share ideas and engage in conversations and identify opportunities to support each other and collaborate. Therefore, these stories will help us learn with and from each other, spread the opportunities openness brings, grow individually AND collectively. Too often we focus on things that separate us. Let’s focus on what unites us!

If you would like to find about the use of story and storytelling, feel free to click here.

You can submit your open story in any format or medium you like, in any language you want to. Feel free to use prose or poem, photos, drawings, cartoons, film, model, collage, music or dance… keep it short and be imaginative ;). Remember to add the hashtag #101openstories to help us curate them all.

We hope you will be ok to make your story available under a CC BY licence so that all of them can be spread and studied further. We hope that the collection of #101openstories will inspire others, provide food for thought for students, practitioners, researchers and the wider public to use and gain insights into the world of open through your stories, through our stories.  


“This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as they credit you for the original creation. This is the most accommodating of licenses offered. Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.” Source https://creativecommons.org/licenses/

Remember to add your name to your story and attribute if you are re-using or re-mixing somebody else’s story!

Share YOUR story with us all and connect with others from around the world!

Start today and see the seeds growing and spreading!

Help us to collect and curate #101openstories starting during #openeducationwk and continue throughout the #yearofopen to create a #101openstories open book supported by the Open Education Working Group to celebrate openness across borders.

#101openstories team